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About Our Little Nest Interiors


Our Little Nest Interiors was created at my kitchen table. Surrounded by chaos of a full house renovation, my Husband who decided to teach himself every DIY trade known to man via YouTube, three beautiful small Daughters and our Bernese Mountain dog Martha. 

I seemed to be forever looking a beautiful homes on Instagram yet i was always covered in brick dust and plaster. I loved nothing more than picking rustic pieces for our nest for someday it would finally all be complete (it isn't). I have a passion for country, rustic, farmhouse, modern farmhouse and nordic decor. I put forward the idea of Our Little Nest Interiors to my Husband, would he think it was madness? No idea of how to start a business, how to build a website, working my day job, the house bare brick in places and most importantly our small children still needing us so much? Was a passion enough? He answered "Its perfect for you!". So Our Little Nest Interiors was built stick by stick. (With a crazy amount of sleepless nights I might add).

Every single item is personally chosen by myself to add to our collection, nearly all items are in our own home! We don't have a "team" of people so all orders are wrapped and shipped by myself with a little smile knowing it's a parcel to make another Nest that little bit more special. All pieces are chosen to compliment each other with alot of thought so we really hope you're as in love with them as we are. 

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Thank you so much to all our Nesters for supporting a small buiness and making one Mum smile from ear to ear.


Jenna xxx